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Speaker Hire

Here you'll find our most popular speaker hire packages and standalone speaker hire systems - all with great sound quality. You'll also find links to our other audio equipment hire categories.

Regardless if you are a seasoned audiophile, mid range muso in a band or simply a passionate music lover. You'll know great sounding speakers when you hear them. However with such a range of variables to consider at your next event, how will you know that you are hiring the right gear?

Are you looking for wedding speaker hire, party speaker hire or a portable pa system, but not sure what you need?

Simply call 08 93856996 to chat about the ideas you have for your next event. We can help you choose from our range of sound systems; ensuring your event is perfect!

When it comes to speaker system hire, you'll soon discover why Power Audio Visual is Perth's friendliest and easiest place to source all your quality equipment.

  • When you use our PA hire service, you’ll have peace of mind because all our audio equipment is tagged and thoroughly tested before leaving our warehouse;
  • If you need, we'll show you how to set up and operate the speakers so you are fully prepared;
  • Car not big enough or you are a bit strapped for time? No worries, we can deliver and even set up if you like - just let us know when you enquire.

Ok, enough with the spiel already... Show me the audio systems!

PA Hire Packages

Ipod® Small PA Hire Pack

This popular small PA Hire package has its own mixer and will deliver great sounding music or speech for up to 150 people. 

Simply plug in an iPhone®, Laptop or Microphone.
$165 Per Day
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Small PA Hire | Party Pack

This small PA Hire option delivers full range clarity of music playback as well as speech for up to 150 people.

You'll need to plug this party speaker hire pack into a mixer or audio console.
$125 Per Day
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PA Hire | Party Pack Plus 1 Sub

This awesome speaker hire package is suitable for events of up to 215 people.

The package includes a sub-woofer to add extra low end punch to really get the crowd moving.
$187 Per Day
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PA Hire | Party Pack Plus 2 Sub

This Speaker Hire Package will be perfect for music and speech for up to 250 people.

Plus, with two subs you’re adding real dimension to your sound, good for a band with a drum kit.
$249(GST inc)
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PA Hire | Mega Pack

This Speaker Hire package will pump out great sound for up to 400 people.

With the extra top speakers you'll be able to spread even sound to big rooms or large areas.
$375 (GST inc)
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PA System Hire

Below, you will find our current range and the basic details of our PA Equipment Hire. As you'll find, we have pretty much everything you'll need to broadcast sound and voice to large or small crowds.

If you are having a backyard party, we have several small pa hire solutions that are well priced and suitable for most party speaker hire needs. If you need band PA hire, we have a great range of Electro Voice (E.V) powered and passive units.

Perhaps you are holding a bigger event and need a large PA System? Our RCF range is an industry favourite and perfect for outdoor PA hire needs.

Having a trade show and need a mobile solution? Our Mipro 808 is a great Portable PA Hire System. It can be plugged into a GPO, or operated on batteries for up to 5 hours. Having a wireless mic option, you can use this PA pretty much anywhere. Compact, lightweight and with built in wheels - this well priced unit will be perfect for public announcements.

When you want top quality equipment, great service and competitive Perth PA hire prices, contact us.

Our range of speakers for hire includes all the top names and any accessory you can think of. Plus, we’ll make sure you have all the right cables to connect, giving you peace of mind.

Plus, to reduce your worry even further, all of our audio, visual and lighting equipment for hire is of excellent quality, is tagged to AS Standards and thoroughly tested before leaving the warehouse.

When you think safe, top quality PA rental, with great PA hire prices, think Power Audio Visual.

From public announcements at Corporate Events; all the way to large festivals - we have the equipment and experience to suit your audio equipment needs.

Got some ideas, but need some advice? Feel free to call one of our Technicians during business hours on 9385 6996. As the friendliest guys in the industry, we are happy to help.

Microphone Hire

Microphones are often a key component in a PA System. Here at Power Audio Visual Hire, you can rent a microphone individually or hire a multi-microphone kit. When you scroll down, you'll find we have a broad selection, for a diverse range of applications.

For example, let's say you have some recording to do and need a bunch of studio microphones to hire.

If so, Condenser Mics are the preferred choice when it comes to studio applications. This is due to their superior transient and frequency response. In other words, they'll pick up the finer details of the voice or instrument you are recording.

When you think microphone hire Perth, think Power Audio Visual. Our range includes all the usual industry names, with competitive prices.

Got a show soon and need band microphone hire for your upcoming gig? Perhaps you are looking for some drum kit mic rental?

If you do, our range of Dynamic Mics with various polar patterns are sturdy, thoroughly tested before leaving our warehouse and are perfect for the rigours of the stage.. Plus, we have a sweet Shure multi piece drum kit hire solution, with your name on it!

When you think wireless microphone hire, think Power Audio Visual. Whether a short or long term, we have a cost effective, easy solution for you.

Such solutions include wireless handheld and clip on lapel mics - perfect for seminars or speeches where you need to roam freely. Again, all our equipment hire is thoroughly tested for peace of mind. And, in the case of wireless - with fully charged batteries!

A little further down the page, you’ll find our mixing desk hire section to plug in your corded or wireless microphone. However, directly below is our cardioid dynamic and condenser microphones.

Got a specific audio equipment requirement and can’t find the mic you need? Perhaps you have a few questions you'd like to run past us, or you need some pro advice? Simply click the 'enquire button', fill out the form and on of our friendly Power Audio Visual Hire technicians will be in contact!

Mixing Desk Hire

Ok, so you have an event coming up and you are looking to source a mixing desk for rent. If that's you, our extensive selection of Digital and Analogue Mixers are competitively priced and suitable for most applications.

We currently stock most of the well known names like: Yamaha and Allen & Heath. Plus, we have an awesome Midas M32 available to rent if you have the need!

Whether it be an analogue or digital desk, our technicians are happy to provide sound advice. If you need, we can set up the audio equipment,. Additionally, we have mixing engineers for hire.

In a nutshell, Power Audio Visual can provide a total solution for your AV needs. You may want to chat with someone now. If so, simply click the 'call now' button!

Backline Hire

Power Audiovisual stocks plenty of high quality and well-known backline hire in Perth.

As with all of our of our Speaker and Audio rental solutions, you can consider us to be a one-stop shop for your needs. From start to finish, we can handle all the planning, installation and engineering for your important event; making the whole process easy, with a professional outcome.

If there’s anything that we don’t have listed below, simply get in contact and we can source it for you.