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Speaker Hire

Here you'll find our most popular powered speaker hire packages and standalone systems - all with great sound quality. You'll also find the the typical sound system rental cost and more advanced pa hire prices.

Regardless if you are a seasoned audiophile, audio producer, a mid range muso in a band or simply a passionate music lover. You'll know great sounding speakers when you hear them.

The problem is, with so many variables and requirements specific to your event, how can you guarantee you're hiring the right gear for the gig?

Are you looking for wedding speaker hire, party speaker hire or a portable pa system, but not sure what you need?

Simply call 08 93856996 to chat about the ideas you have for your next event. We can help you choose from our range of sound systems; ensuring your event is perfect!

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Speaker Hire Perth

items included in a speaker hire package

Small PA Hire

Speaker Starter Pack
This portable speaker hire package has its own mixer and will deliver great sounding music or speech for up to 150 people. 
Simply plug in an iPhone®, Laptop or Microphone.
Ipod Kit: $140
Speakers Only: $130
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items included in a speaker hire package

Perth Speaker Hire

DJ Starter Pack
For when you need to hire a speaker for a party, this small PA Hire option delivers full range clarity of music playback as well as speech for up to 150 people.
You'll need to plug this party speaker hire pack into a mixer or audio console.
Speakers Only: $130
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Party Speaker Hire

Speaker And Sub Pack
This awesome party speaker hire package is suitable for medium sized events of up to 215 people.
The package includes a sub-woofer to add extra low end punch to really get the crowd moving.
Ipod Kit: $190
Speakers Only: $180
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DJ Speaker Hire

Extra Bass Speaker Pack
This Speaker Hire Package will be perfect for music and speech for up to 250 people.
Plus, with two subs you’re adding real dimension to your sound. Good for a band with a drum kit or, spinning some bangers at a DJ event!
Ipod Kit: $240
Speakers Only: $230
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PA Speaker Hire

Pro Speaker Pack
This Speaker Hire package will pump out great sound for up to 400 people.
Due to the flexible nature of the Quest Subwoofers, this system can be used for clubs, DJs/electronica or live band applications.
With the extra top speakers you'll be able to spread even sound to big rooms or large outdoor areas.
Ipod Kit $320
Speakers Only $300
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Music Speakers For Hire

When it comes to hiring sound equipment, you may have fairly simple dry hire requirements, such as linking up two speakers to an output source, like an iPod®, running a small pa for speeches or, connecting DJ Equipment for some disco speaker hire.
In other cases, you may be requiring a more complex speaker hire setup. Perhaps you are taking the band out of the garage, or you have a stage show to organise.
There's a bunch of things to consider so as to make sure your show is a success. With our extensive experience, we can give you the best possible advice - without breaking the bank.
So you can be better prepared, we put together a bunch of questions questions we’ll usually ask:
How Big Is The Venue?
When thinking about sound equipment hire, it is important to consider the size of the venue and how many people will be attending. Also, an event indoors will have different needs than those of a show outdoors.
Naturally, larger areas with more people or those with more ambient sound will require a more powerful system. However this may not necessarily mean ‘bigger speakers’.
A solution could be to place smaller head units at lesser intervals; check with our friendly technicians to see what they recommend as the best option.
How Big Is The Band?
Let’s say you have a lead guitarist/singer. They’ll need a vocals mic, a mic stand and probably a DI (Direct Inject Box) to plug into the amplifier. 
When talking microphone hire or a band PA System ,you’ll need to tell us how many guitars, xylophones, vocalists and pieces of drum kit you want to amplify.  
Have a few backing singers? They’ll each need a mic. Then, you’ll need to use a DI box for amplify the keyboard and Bass guitar; then you’d mic up the drums with something like this shure drum mic kit.
Oh, and you’ll be needing a multi input sound mixer, such as a Behringer Mixer or a Yamaha Mixer to plug it all into.
Loudspeaker Rental
When thinking loudspeakers or music speakers for hire, an important element to consider are the fold back speakers.
With the crowd chanting your band’s name, how will your lead singer hear the drooling of the drummer over the ruckus? Typically, this is achieved by placing your fold back monitors (or wedges) on the floor of the stage, facing towards the performers on stage.
Again, depending on the size of the stage and how many performers, the number of fold back speakers and the layout you’ll need will vary. Please chat with our AV technicians if you need some help with choosing a configuration for PA sound system hire.
More Loud Speaker Hire Info
Other than having a microphone for each singer, it’s a good idea to carry a few spares to handle any accidents. While a set of Shure SM-58’s will be robust, Murphy’s Law states that the time you ‘need’ a spare is usually, when you don’t have one. So if you need to pair up your speakers with great microphone hire options, click the link.
Most worthwhile companies that have speakers for hire, such as our good selves will have heaps of mic stands, cables, mic clips, amplifiers and various backline modules for hire.
With a multitude of different stands for multiple applications; make sure you chat with your tech about what your plans are. This way, with your ideas and their knowledge, you’ll be far more likely to have everything you need on the day.
Of course, the world of speakers and pa systems is huge and we have only touched on a few small items. There’s a bunch of other things to take into account and when the marketing guy gets his act together, he’ll post some articles with heaps of great info.
However, for now, check out our stock below and as always feel free to contact us to chat about your AV needs on 93856996
view of a signal processor to rent
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close up view of a digital mixer
We Have Sweet Mixers For Hire
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closeup of a microphone to rent
How About Some Microphones?
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You Want More Speakers?
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Speakers For Hire

Below, you will find our current range and the basic details of our PA Equipment Hire. As you'll find, we have pretty much everything you'll need to broadcast sound and voice to large or small crowds.

If you are having a backyard party, we have several small pa hire solutions that are well priced and suitable for most party speaker hire needs. If you need band PA hire, we have a great range of Electro Voice (E.V) powered and passive units.

Perhaps you are holding a bigger event and need a large PA System? Our RCF range is an industry favourite and perfect for outdoor PA hire needs.

Having a trade show and need a mobile solution? Our Mipro 808 is a great Portable PA Hire System. It can be plugged into a GPO, or operated on batteries for up to 5 hours. Having a wireless mic option, you can use this PA pretty much anywhere. Compact, lightweight and with built in wheels - this well priced portable speaker hire option will be perfect for public announcements.

When you want top quality equipment, great service and competitive Perth PA hire prices, contact us.

Our range of speakers for hire includes all the top names and any accessory you can think of. Plus, we’ll make sure you have all the right cables to connect, giving you peace of mind.

Plus, to reduce your worry even further, all of our audio, visual and lighting equipment for hire is of excellent quality, is tagged to AS Standards and thoroughly tested before leaving the warehouse.

For PA System hire in Perth that's reliable and top quality, we can definitely help you out. From public announcements at Corporate Events; all the way to large festivals - we have the equipment and experience to suit your audio equipment needs.

Got some ideas, but need some advice? Feel free to call one of our Technicians during business hours on 9385 6996. As the friendliest guys in the industry, we are happy to help.

side profile view of a EV 8 inch speaker for hire
EV - ZXA1-90 8" Pwd Speaker

Great sounding 800W amp wrapped up in a compact and light weight cabinet. Wide variety of uses.

$44 Per Day
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Side profile view of a 10 inch speaker for rent
DB Tech - 10" Pwd Speaker

This powered 10“ woofer and 1“ compression driver speaker has a high SPL tolerance and broad frequency range.

$38.50 Per Day
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Profile view of a Quest 12 inch speaker for rent
Quest QM 350i 12" Passive Speaker

This 12" Australian engineered passive speaker for hire from Quest will serve you well in both playback and live settings.

$38.50 Per Day
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view of a ev 12 inch speaker hire option
EV ELX112P 12" Pwd Speaker

A lightweight and robust powered PA for hire, this EV 12 inch has a 1000W amp.

$66 Per Day
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view of a speaker for hire - a EV 15 inch powered speaker
EV - ELX115P 15" Powered Speaker

Easy to set up, with 1000W total power. Featuring a solid timber cabinet and well designed controls.

$66 Per Day
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profile view of a portable pa system for hire; the Mipro MA 808
Mipro - MA - 808 Portable Speaker Hire

Used all over the world, the Mipro MA-808 is jam packed with everything one could need for a fully portable pa speaker hire.

$110 per Day
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profile view of a 15inch EV powered speaker for hire
EV ZLX15P 15" Powered Speaker

A lot of our Mobile DJ's customers use this easy to set up speaker system. The audiophiles will say the ELZ sounds better, but will still agree the ZLX is a good portable PA.

$66 Per Day
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profile view of a rcf line array cabinet; part of a speaker system for hire
RCF HDL20-A Line Array Cabinet

The RCA HDL 20-A is a great option for mid to large scale events or venues seeking a flexible speaker hire option.

$88 Per Day
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profile view of a RCF 18 inch Dual Subwoofer for hire
RCF Dual 18" 8006-AS Powered Sub

Bigger, better and more chunky than the 8004.

With 5000W of peak power, this dual sub RCF unit forms the backbone of one of our popular units for Perth Speaker Hire.

$176 Per Day
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a view of a RCF 18 inch subwoofer for rent
RCF - 8004 - 18" Powered Subwoofer

This impressive RCF unit is usually matched with the HDL20 Line Array's.

$88 Per Day
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top down view of a 12 inch powered subwoofer for hire, EV ZXA1-12
EV - ZXA1 12" Powered Sub

A compact and lightweight sub woofer speaker for hire.

It's powered so no need to lug around an amp. Great for settings where space is limited and you need a little extra punch.

$44 Per Day
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side profile of a pa system subwoofer to rent: quest qm600asi
Quest QM600ASi 15" Powered Sub

Either as a install or portable speaker hire solution; this Quest unit will deliver good quality low range. with mid to high SPL.

$66 Per Day
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pa system hire: side top down view of a EV 18 inch powered subwoofer
EV - EKX-18SP 18" Powered Sub

This EV 18inch Sub produces 1300W (peak power) with a frequency range 0f 35Hz to 180Hz; making it suitable for a wide range of applications from electronica through to live sound.

$88 Per Day
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