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Lighting Hire

From Festoon Lighting Hire, DJ Lights, Stage Lighting & Party Light Hire, we have what you need.

Having a 70’s themed party and you need some groovy disco light hire? Our easy to set up, portable lighting kits are a great option that won't break the budget. Throw in some UV lights and your dance floor will be pumping!

Besides having competitive pricing, you will also find:

  • Our lighting hire service guarantees that the equipment will work and be safe to use.
  • If you need a hand, we’ll  show you how to operate the lights as well as the other accessories.
  • If your vehicle is too small, we'll deliver!

Understand the word Disco, but you are a bit stumped with the terms LED, UV or Par? Don’t worry - the marketing guy isn't too sure either! However, our tech's are happy to help.

To make an online enquiry, or get a fast quote, click the button and send us your details!

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Party Lighting Hire

Aggressor Party Light Hire Package

Party Lights Hire

Aggressor Pack
Will enhance the ambiance of any dimly lit event, point these at your dance floor and away you go.
$66 Per Day
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Nitec LED Party Lights Package

Party Light Hire

Nitec LED Pack
Great to light up a space with either static colours or a range of dynamic colours, in a chase sequence.
$66 Per Day
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Mirrorball Disco Light Rental Package

Disco Lights

Mirrorball Pack
Everyone loves the classic moving, shimmering effect of a mirrorball. Feel some nostalgia at your party.
$66 Per Day
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Smoke Machine Party Lights Package

Party Light Hire

Smoke Machine
Smoke helps the light beams become more visible and vibrant. Great any disco lighting setting.
Want a laser to go with that?
$99 Per Day
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Lighting Hire Perth

Event Lighting Inside Gala Evening

A well executed lighting plan will help function managers to create a specific mood for the event. Therefore, when it comes to lighting hire, it's a good idea to consider how you want your guests to feel when they first walk into the venue.

Professional Event Managers & Planners will agree that lighting has a considerable part to play in the overall mood and success of an event. And, it is likely to have an impact on your's if the upcoming function is to be held after sundown,

Additionally, well designed lighting will help your photographer or videographer to capture the fun while you and your guests are enjoying yourselves!

You can certainly create that WOW you're looking for. Here's a few tips to consider:

  • Arrange a visit to the venue while it is operational and servicing a function. That way you'll get a good idea of how it feels and looks.
  • Work out how to accentuate fittings, fixtures or areas that you want to highlight - such as the Wedding Party Dining, or the Lectern on a Stage.
  • Work out how to visually exclude fittings, fixtures or areas that you want attention diverted away from, such as kitchens, room corners etc.
  • Make a note of where the power access will be, how much cable will be needed and the amperage of the outlets that power the lights for hire and other AV items.
Wedding Lighting Hire | Beautiful Tables And Flowers

Event Lighting

If you are unsure about any of the above, or need a helping hand, call us on 93856996

As event lighting professionals, we have the experience and know how to have your Wedding, Private Party, Corporate Event or Festival be extraordinary.

Within the context of Corporate Event Lighting, the use of stage lighting hire, such as a stage wash will enhance any gala event, where the stage is intended to be a key focal point during the proceedings.

Another way to make your Corporate Event zing, is via Programmed Moving Lights; Used in conjunction with attention grabbing pin lighting, your event will be amazing!

Are you thinking about our warm Perth nights and having an outdoor Wedding? Our range of Festoon Lighting is a great hire option to add romance to the air.

While on the subject of Wedding Light Hire, the addition of LED up-lights will emphasise the drapes and flower arrangements. Also, by using different coloured lighting, the venue can ooze romance. And, for that all important dance floor; disco lights, mirrorballs and a dry ice machine will have your wedding reception truly sparkle.

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view of a signal processor to rent
You Want Some Stage Lighting?
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close up view of a digital mixer
Need A Lighting Console?
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a depiction of an amazing stage lighting show
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Festoon Lighting Hire

If you are looking for wedding lighting hire solutions, we recommend considering our festoon lights, as they'll add a warm and romantic feel - especially if you are having an outdoor wedding reception, under the stars.

Additionally, our range of moving, static, LED, halogen and UV lights will bring vibrancy to even the most chilled out event.

You'll find virtually everything you'll need to create an awesome light show, or to add another layer to the overall atmosphere of your important event.

Most of the lights illustrated below will be used in stage applications, including theatre, nightclubs and band stage lighting. However, gala events or corporate functions will also find much of our range suitable.

With our suite of professional led stage lighting ideas, such as LED Par 64 stage lights or LED RGB Moving Head Lights, your event will absolutely shine!

Scroll down to take a look at our huge range of popular lighting hire options.

profile view of a festoon lighting globe for hire
Festoon Lights For Hire
10m | 20m | Round Style

To add that feel of romance to a warm summer night, this 10 metre string of high quality festoon lights for hire will be perfect for your needs.

These festoon lighting strings are rated for use outdoors and can be joined together for extra long runs.

If you like, we can deliver, install and retrieve the following day of your event.

an example of our vintage style festoon lighting hire
Festoon Lighting
25m Strings | Vintage Style

A modern light with a classic feel, these 25m festoon light lengths with vintage styled light bulbs will provide the vibe you're after in no time.

Each globe is a 25W soft glow bulb making each light easy on the eye. 25m of them gives you plenty of room to play.

These lights are weather-ready and can handle tough Australian conditions.

a profile shot of a mac 250 moving head light
Moving Lighting Hire
Mac 250 Profile

The MAC 250 Entour moving light for hire is a brilliant, feature rich profile with two gobo wheels, a colour wheel, dimmer, shutter, prism and focus.

side view mac moving head wash stage light
Moving Head
Mac Wash 250

The MAC 250 Wash is a powerful yet compact and remarkably efficient wash light for rent with extraordinarily fast and quiet movement

profile view of a type of moving head light for hire
Moving Head
Shark 250c

This moving head features 11 continuous colours, multi effects and 7 rotating gobos. The setup is easy and able to customised for all functionality

a profile view of a colourful LED moving light for rent
Moving Head
Artfox Ostar Eye

This is a high performance beam and flower open light, capable of generating a pulsating beam of micro-rays, which may be controlled individually, each with its own colours and shades.

side on view of a RGBW LED moving head stage light
Moving Head
Artfox 360º LED

This  moving head light for hire features 25 red, green, blue and white high powered LEDs to create a great range of 2 dimensional graphics, plus numbers and an alpha letters. Including a fast and silent zoom system and lens that can be arranged from 4 to 60 degrees.

an example of a moving head spot light
Moving Head
Vello LED Spot

This moving head lighting hire option has a power consumption of only 150W.

Featuring 9 colours plus white from its LED globes

a special effect moving head stage light for hire
Scanner Light For Hire
5 Beam

The 5R Scanner Beam Light is a special effect moving head light. The 8 prism rotation brings the sharp 8 beams of the 5R Lamp

side profile of a LED moving head wash stage light
Moving LED Wash

Starville, 12 channel moving Wash LED. Featuring easy set up and programming plus red green blue sequencing options

side on profile of a stage spot light
Static Stage Lighting
Axial Zoom Spot

Front of stage axial zoom spot light with 600W lamp and a throw from 3-20m

front view of a LED blinder spot light
Static Stage Lighting
LED Blinder DMX

Dual LED stage blinder lights for hire, featuring warm white 85W LEDs and adjustable pulse width to eliminate camera flicker

side view of a fresnel stage spot light
Static Lighting
Fresnel Beam

A safe and easy to use fresnel, suitable for small theatre, studios, halls and many other applications.

This lighting hire is adjustable and interchangeable with different wattage lamps

profile view of a halogen floodlight for rent
Static Lighting
Halogen Flood 150 to 250W

Your choice of 150w or 250w Halogen Floodlight.

The halogen flood is one of those lights you just need in your hire kit.

$4.95 - $5.50
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side view of a 4 colour wash halogen stage light for hire
Static Stage Lighting
4 Colour Halogen Wash

This stage lighting wash has a multi program functionality to use over the four colour combination. Very Easy to set up and program, fan cooled and with barn doors for precise direction.

Stage Lighting Hire

Depending on the occasion, an event without awesome Stage Lighting and FX may appear a little bland. And let's face it, bland is NOT what you want if you need to keep a crowd engaged!

Time and again the professionals turn to Power Audio Visual for their stage lighting hire needs. And when you use Power Audio Visual you know you are getting the best kit for your event for the best price.

Depending on your needs, you may want to hire a single set of lights or we can design and install a customised lighting show!

As you'll see below, our range of hire is extensive. There's no limit to your imagination and we're here to match that with the lighting hire to help you wow your audience every time.

If you're looking for experts to help you shape the lighting for your event look no further than Power Audio Visual!

Please scroll down and click on any of the images for more details.

Aggressor DJ Stage lighting profile view
profile view of a type of LED stage lighting
profile view of tri phase dj stage lighting
a martin halogen on stage lighting unit
Ripple or Flame
side view of a LED energy efficient stage lighting unit
Mirrorball LED
view of a LED mirror ball we have for hire
Hemisphere 5
profile shot of a multi pattern stage lighting unit
Swarm 5FX
a hexagon RGB LED professional stage lighting unit
a profile view of a oil wheel projector lighting unit
Oil Wheel
front view of a portable LED stage lighting unit
LED Derby
jands 4 pak DMX stage lighting console in profile view
Jands - 4pak
a DMX stage lighting program controller box
a redback 12 channel lighting dimmer unit front and rear view
Redback - 12 Chan
a rear view of a dmx splitter for on stage lighting hire
Swisson - XSP - 3B
profile view of a dmx stage lighting control system
Lighting Desk Hire

Below, is an example of the Lighting Desks we have for hire. Many who are involved with band stage lighting will be familiar with the brands we have in stock

Please note that unless you are experienced in the use of Lighting Desks and Controllers, you’ll need to hire the services of a Lighting Technician. If you don’t have one of your own, our team of highly experienced Lighting Designers / Operators are available for hire.

Click the enquire button and send us a message, telling us what you need. We have a great bunch of lighting engineers that can easily assist you to implement your vision or work with your crew to create an amazing event.

top down view of LSC minim lighting console
LSC Minim
top down view of a dmx lighting console
L E - DMX 192
Strobe lighting controller profile view
Strobe Ignitor
jands stage lighting controller profile view
Jands Stage CL
dj lighting controller martin freekie top down view
top down view of a dmx lighting console for hire
DMX Master-384
profile view of a chamsys mq60 stage lighting console
lighting control console for stage productions
profile view of a LED DMX professional lighting console