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Mixing Desk Hire

Ok, so you have an event coming up and you are looking to source a mixing desk for rent. If that's you, our extensive, large and broad (did we mention a wide range?) selection of Digital or Analogue Mixers are competitively priced and suitable for virtually any application.

We currently stock most of the well known names like: Yamaha and Allen & Heath. Plus, we have an awesome Midas M32 available to rent if you have the need!

As you scroll down, you'll find our range of digital mixers and analogue mixers is pretty large. It is likely we have exactly what you'll want to run a signal through your PA.

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Audio Mixer Hire

As you'll see, all of our mixing consoles for rent have heaps of knobs and buttons. Some even have cool little lights and mechanical faders. Unfortunately, this is about as much as the marketing guy knows about audio console hire...

Thankfully, you won't be dealing with said marketing guy when comes to mixing desk advice...

Instead, you'll be speaking with our knowledgable and friendly technicians. Not only do they know what they are talking about, you will also find they are really approachable!

Whether it be an analogue or digital desk for a small gig or a large multi stage event, our technicians are happy to provide sound advice.

If you need, we can set up the audio equipment. Additionally, we have mixing engineers for hire to operate end to end.

Scroll down and check out our range of mixing consoles for hire. if by chance there's something we don't have that you are t keen to get, just let us know, we'll likely be able to source it for you or point you in the right direction!

Allen & Heath SQ-7
Featuring a 96kHz processor, this Allen & Heath is an awesome mixing desk for hire.
With 33 fader's you could potentially mix 33 CDJs... Just imagine the possibilities kids!
On a more serious note, this mixer will be suitable for many large live settings. With 32 onboard mic pre-amps, 8 FX pots and inbuilt FX library, this console is a great option for your next gig.
$319 Per Day
Allen & Heath SQ-5
The baby brother to the SQ7, is still a tasty piece of kit.
Using the same state of the art 96k sound card, you'll get great audio, superior control and mixing automations.
Suitable for a wide range of scenarios, this mixing console is likely to meet your audio hire needs.
$231 Per Day
Allen & Heath DX168
If you need more in / outs for your next gig, this Allen & Heath DX expander is the go-to for sending and receiving extra signals.
No need for extra protein shakes and workouts, this expansion rack is lightweight and compact.
$55 Per Day
Alesis Multimix 8
A compact, rotary style, 8 channel mixer from Alesis.
This audio hire option has built in FX. Plus, it also has the capability of operating as a computer sound card for recording and mixing at the same time.
USB compliant, plug and play with Mac or PC. Featuring 16 bit 44.1/48 k stereo output.
$33 Per Day
Behringer Znx 502
This compact mixer is a flexible alternative to control a mono and two sterio inputs.
Don't be put off by its simplicity. This little mixer has high headroom and produces low noise, good quality sound.
The simple two band equaliser and 1/4 inch jack outputs make it easy to send a signal to a set of studio or live monitors .
$28.50 Per Day
Phonic AM240
Comparable quality sound and user interface than that of the big name brands, without the price tag.
Featuring low noise, ten inputs, the AM240 is a nice little compact rotary style mixing desk for hire.
With plenty of options, it's easy to monitor signals with phone jack and LED level meters.
$33 Per Day
Phonic AM120 mk2
The AM range features a high grade microphone preamp which will ensure good quality vocal reproduction.
with a frequency responce 0f 20Hz to 60kHz, the specs are surprisingly good for such a compact unit. Suitable for most simple applications.
$27.50 Per Day
Yamaha IM840
This mid sized, 40 channel analogue mixer is suitable for a wide range of audio hire needs. Whether on the road or in the studio, you'll find this desk has plenty of versatility.
A little over 1.7m wide, the unit is compact, with a well laid out workflow for ease of mixing on the fly.
$16.50 Per Day
Dynacord CMS2200
With 18 mono paths and four stereo, the Dynacord CMS2200 is a well rounded live sound mixer for hire.
Its 22 input channels are powered by a 24 bit / 96k sound card.
Additionally, this mixing desk has MIDI in/out for external devices and an 11 band EQ for flexible frequency control.
$99 Per Day
Yamaha EMX2000
With a seven band graphic EQ and typical Yamaha quality, you'll find this mixing console perfect for a mid sized PA Hire solution.
Two channel, 200W output, high quality digital FX (reverb & Echo) and 12 channel inputs.
$55 Per Day
Midas M32
This full sized mixing console features 32 pre amplifiers, 25 , full throw motorised faders and over 50 onboard FX processors.
Ergonomically designed, you'll find the workflow with the M32 a pleasurable and easily customisable experience.
$357.50 Per Day
Yamaha MG12XU
Featuring 24 bit / 192 K sound processing, this 12 channel mixer from Yamaha is suitable for live output and recording.
With 24 Digital FX preset's to select, there is plenty of flexibility. Additionally, you'll be able to monitor post and pre with LED readouts and headphone output.
$55 Per Day
Phonic AM844D
This compact and versatile sound mixer is suitable for scenarios where a 12 channel console is required.
10 Mic preamps with a 3 band EQ and low cut on the mono's.
Featuring a 32 bit FX and easy to use, USB compliant recording for both Mac & PC.
$38.50 Per Day
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