Power Audio Visual
12 Graylands Road
Claremont 6010
Ok, so you have up to 400 people at your next event and you're looking for that 'big room sound'... right?
Stack two great quality 15' Ev Speakers on top of two awesome Quest Subs. Then, spread the other two tops to the sides of the room for the right amount of volume; without having to 'drive' the system hard.
Great for people looking for an awesome Large PA Speaker hire solution including the following:
  • 4 x EV ZLX-15P 1000w Peak 250W Continuous
  • 2 x Quest QM600ASi 15” 1000w Peak
  • 2 x Speaker Poles
  • 2 x Speaker Stands
  • 4 x IEC Power Cables
  • 2 x Sub Powerconnectors
  • 2 x Power Cables 20m
  • 2 x Power Cables 10m
  • 3 x Power Cables 3m
  • 1 x Powerboard 6 plug
  • 2 x XLR Cables 20m
  • 2 x XLR Cables 10m
  • 2 x XLR Cable 3m
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