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Backline Hire

Power Audiovisual stocks plenty of high quality and well-known backline hire in Perth.

From small and intimate shows, to multi-stage events we've been looking after Perth's AV equipment rental requirements for over three decades.

As with all of our of our speaker and audio rental solutions, you can consider us to be a one-stop shop for your amplifier hire and sound processing needs.

From set up to soundcheck, we can handle all the planning, installation and engineering for your important event; making the whole process easy, with a professional outcome.

Take a moment to give us a call on our office number on 08 93856996. One of our techs can have a chat with you and run over your ideas  for your next event.

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Backline Hire Perth

The selection of Graphic EQs, Audio Processors and amplifier's below will satisfy most audio engineers. That being said, there may be a particular item you are on the hunt for.

If that's you, just let us know and we'll do our best to find that special bit of kit you need.

Also, with our handy location in Claremont, you are always welcome to drop by the warehouse during business hours to check out our gear and speak with one of our crew.

Whether it be a small party or a large multi stage event, our technicians are happy to provide good advice, can deliver, setup, operate and pack down.

Below are a few additional points of info you may find helpful:

  • All the rates below are for pickup and return to our Claremont warehouse. that being said, we are more than happy to deliver and set up for an extra fee. Just let us know when you make an enquiry.
  • While we have a huge inventory of great quality amps and processors, the gear is in and out all the time - so make sure you check that it will be available during planning stages.
  • We need o grab a security deposit from you, prior to you picking the gear up etc. (cash or credit card). Also , please bring a valid drivers license or other photo ID with you!
Profile front and rear of an audio FX processor for hire
T.C Electronics M1

This pro quality dual channel effects processor is intuitive to use, has over 200 in built presets and 100 user memories.

$35 Per Day
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Front and rear profile of a multi tap delay unit for rent
T.C Electronics D2

The TC D-Two Multi-Tap Rhythm Delay is a general purpose unit to add to your backline hire order. Suitable for live, installs and studio work.

$35 Per Day
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Profile view of an analogue graphic equaliser for rent
Klark Tec DN360

This multiband analogue graphic EQ from Klark Teknic has a variable Q, assigned to each fader.

$25 Per Day
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view of the front and rear of a DBX drive rack for hire
DBXPA2 - Drive Rack

This drive rack has the ability to intuitively 'tune' itself to the room (via an RTA mic - hire separately) which will take the guess work out of having your PA sound the goods.

$55 Per Day
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Profile view of a DBX 1231 Graphic Equaliser for hire
Graphic Equaliser | DBX 1231

With straightforward controls and layout, this Graphic EQ for rent is great for studio or live applications.

The front and rear view of a DBX Compressor/Gate
Compressor | Gate - DBX 266XL

Another great unit fromt he DBX range. This compressor/gate will add plenty of warmth and clarity to your signal.

$25 Per Day
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profile view of a DBX 1066 signal processor
Signal Processor | DBX1066

This dual channel Compressor | Limiter | Gate is a staple of many an audio engineer.

$25 Per Day
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ARX Six Gate Audio Processor Front And Rear
Gate | ARX Sixgate FX

Ultra low noise and six gates makes this a great unit for using on a drum kit

$20 Per Day
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A front profile view of the ARX afterburner
Compressor | Limiter - ARX Afterburner

Designed for use in any professional audio dynamics control application, packaged in a compact single rack mount

the front and rear profile view of a QSC Amplifyer

A compact, 2400W (bridged) quality power amplifier for hire. The QSC has balanced 1/4 inch and XLR inputs.

$50 Per Day
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profile view of a Behringer EP4000 Amp
Behringer EP4000

Big, German amp hire unit with enough superlatives to impress any audiophile

$50 Per Day
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front and back view of the Australian monitor XA1400amplifier
Aus Monitor XA1400

Featuring low impedance, this amp hire option will give you up to 1400W bridged at 4 Ohm

Profile view of an AM XA1000W amp
Aus Monitor XA1000

This 1000W (bridged at 4 Ohm) amplifier will deliver crisp sound

$50 Per Day
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