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DJ Equipment Hire

Throwing a party and you need some DJ gear?

Want to make certain that the sound quality is great, the DJ Equipment rental is reliable and everybody has a great time?

Here you’ll find all you could ever possibly need when it comes to renting DJ Gear. As with all of our other rental products, you’ll find renting DJ Equipment from Power Audio Visual to be simple, stress-free, and cost-effective.

Besides having some of the best prices in town, most of our technicians are professional DJs themselves. So, they'll point you in the right direction for DJ Gear Hire that is reasonably priced and best for your particular gig.

Happen to need a DJ For Hire? Head over to Western Sounds, our sister company - to get the scoop on some of the best DJs in town!

In a rush and need a rapid quote for a DJ hire set-up? Cool, click the ridiculously large blue button and fill out the form!

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DJ Equipment Rental

collage of dj equipment for hire including cdj

CDJ Hire

Party Package
Need an industry standard DJ Equipment Hire package?
This puppy has all you need to get a crowd of up to 150 party goers hitting the floor!
$480 Per Day
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view of dj equipment hire with turntables and lights

Turntable Hire

Party Package
Looking for a classic turntable setup, with all the basics for a great party or event?
This package is just right for crowds of up to 150 people.
$375 Per Day
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profile view of pioneer cdj 2000 rental package

Pioneer DJ Equipment Hire

CDJ 2000 Package
Already have the speakers and lighting for your event, but need a cost effective, DJ Source Pack?
This is the right package for you, without breaking the bank!
$240 Per day
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multiple views of pioneer cdj 2000 nexus for hire

Hire Pioneer DJ Equipment

Tack some letters to the end of three zeros...
Then, add a few more buttons to the players / mixer and you'll have the nightclub standard setup to rock your shin dig!
$280 Per day
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top rear and front view of dj gear for rent

CDJ DJ Equipment

CDJ Nexus II Package
With MORE buttons and flashing lights than the CDJ Nexus, this Pioneer Flagship Package will knock your socks off!
Guaranteed to keep even the fussiest International DJ Happy.
$346 Per Day
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collage of dj equipment including technics turntables

Technics SL1200

Turntable Package
Old school funk master or just needing a decent rig to brush up your skills?
The Classic Technics rig will be every turntablist's dream package.
$187 Per Day
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Hire DJ Gear

When it comes to DJ equipment rental, Power Audio Visual has an extensive range of DJ Gear Hire. Our well priced collection includes state of the art technology, along with time honoured classic rigs.

Such 'classic rigs' had humble beginnings. And, the DJs that operated them are a far cry from what we see at events today.

The term 'DJ' originates back to the early days of radio broadcasting, where the Disc Jockey would back announce music to the audience over the airwaves. In those days, the DJ equipment used was cumbersome and anything but mobile in comparison to today's modern cdj hire options!

Clearly, one of those original 'Jocks' realised that it was possible to mix two songs together to form a 'seamless' transition; heralding the birth of the modern turntablist, along with a myriad of DJing styles and musical genres.

Almost two generations later, we still find DJs entertaining crowds via phonograph records, turntables and a mixer (albeit more advanced tech); of which we have a great selection to rent.

Moving on to more modern times, contemporary DJs quickly embraced the CD, primarily because of the sheer volume of music that could be carried to a gig. Along with much lighter Compact Disc Players, also known as the CDJ, Disc Jockey's around the world have found even more opportunities to entertain.

However, CDJs are becoming superseded. As technology has progressed, a new range of lightweight controllers and USB sticks containing Gigabytes of music are hitting the shelves.

Check out our DJ Controller Hire options here, or scroll down the page to view our complete range of Perth DJ Equipment Hire.

view of a cdj to rent
Looking For CDJ's Or Controllers?
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close up view of a turntable to rent
Need Some Technics Turntables?
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closeup of a dj mixer for hire
Hunting Around For a Mixer?
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profile view of a speaker for hire
Want Some Sweet Speakers?
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DJ Hire Equipment
CDJs & Controllers

For many years, Pioneer has been the industry standard for DJs and DJ Hire Equipment; providing robust, professional quality DJ Controllers and CD Players for events, large and small.

Along with Pioneer CDJ set ups we have some classic players from other brands, along with a selection of DJ Controllers.

Depending on the set up we have DJ hire equipment that will fit your need and budget.

‍We are always keeping up to date with the latest trends and new technology. If there's a piece of kit you desperately need our network of suppliers  there is no item that we cannot source, all at a reasonable price.

Whether you're starting out as a DJ or a seasoned pro, Power Audio Visual has the DJ hire equipment you need. Come see us today and our friendly team will talk through your ideas with you and work out the best kit for your next gig.

top view of dj controller hire | traktor-s4
Traktor S4

Native Instruments' Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 gives digital DJs like you the options, control, and portability you need to perform like a pro anywhere.

dj controller hire | birds eye view of a pioneer ddjsx
Pioneer DDJ -SX

The DDJ-SX delivers intuitive control of all Serato DJ Pro’s exciting features

cdj hire | top down view of a pioneer cdj-2000 nexus two
Pioneer CDJ 2000nxs2

The CDJ-2000NXS2 inherits all the best features from its predecessor.

top down view of a pioneer cdj 2000 nexus for rent
Pioneer CDJ 2000nxs

The highly evolved CDJ-2000NXS includes advanced features, including 4-deck Beat Sync, Slip Mode and Hot Cue Auto Load.

top profile view of a pioneer cdj 2000 for hire
Pioneer CDJ 2000

While not carrying the bells and whistles of the NXS series, the CDJ 2000 is a robust unit, still used in many clubs and pubs.

top down view of dj gear for hire | pioneer cdj 900
Pioneer CDJ 900

The CDJ-900 accompanies the launch of the new range-topping  player and is loaded with many shared features.

top down view of a pioneer cdj 400 for hire
Pioneer CDJ 400

The CDJ-400’s cosmetic design is simple and compact yet elegant with all of its various controls and features located directly on top of the unit.

top view of the baby brother in our range of pioneer cdj hire options
Pioneer CDJ 350

The entry-level CDJ-350 inherits many traits from Pioneer's other pro-DJ decks, making it a perfect springboard to professional sounding sets.

DJ Equipment Perth

DJ Mixers

You could have the best set list on the planet that you know will make your punters weak at the knees and think you are a god (and we know you are btw :). But without a mixer to bring it all together you may as well sit at home, stare at the wall and wonder where it all went wrong.

We'll say it again. S l o w e r. You want to DJ? You need a mixer.

Lucky for you we have more dj mixers for hire than you can shake a pineapple at.

So where do you start?

Budget is a good place.

Ask yourself what you can afford. Then think about the technical aspect of mixing. Are you proficient in the dark art of the mix? Or are you just starting out and want to keep it simple for now? Then think about your upcoming gig. You want it to run as smooth as silk, right?

You'll need someone in your corner to guide you through this journey. Power Audio Visual have team members who know music, sound, lighting, staging, effects and DJing.

When you come in to speak to the team be honest with them about your skill level and what gig you have coming up. They'll walk you through the range so you can choose the right DJ mixer to hire.

The team can also help you with your set up and give you ideas about getting the most out of your rental gear. They can even point you in the direction of other backend hire they know will enhance your performance.

Come down to Power Audio Visual and speak with our friendly team today, or if you prefer, call us on 93856996

While you're here scroll down and click the images for more information on your DJ mixer hire gear.

top down view of one of our rane 62 dj mixer hire options
Rane Sixty Two DJ Mixer
top down view of the rane ttm56s a dj mixer hire solution
Rane TTM56s
top profile view of a rane ttm57sl dj mixer
Rane TTM57sl
top down view of a piece of dj equipment for rent
Allen & Heath Xone62
a top down view of a pioneer djm-29 dj mixer for hire
Pioneer DJM s9
top down view of a pioneer djm 2000 for rent
Pioneer DJM 2000
view of a pioneer djm 900srt dj mixer hire option
Pioneer DJM 900srt

overhead view of a pioneer djm 900 nxs2 dj mixer
Pioneer DJM 900nxs2
top view of a pioneer djm 900 nxs one dj mixer for rent
Pioneer DJM 900nxs
overhead view of a djm800 dj mixer for hire
Pioneer DJM 800
overhead view of a djm 700 dj mixer for rent
Pioneer DJM 700
view of a pioneer djm 400 dj mixer
Pioneer DJM 400

top down view of a djm 350 pioneer dj equipment for hire
Pioneer DJM 350
DJ Accessory Hire

Looking for a nifty pair of stylus for the turntables you’ve just hired? Well, it just so happens, we have all the best brands and well known 'head-shell hacks' available.

We also have RANE sound cards and control CDs for rent. Just scroll down to check out our competitive pricing

A three dimensional view of a pair of shure white label turntable stylus
Shure Whitelabel Stylus
a pair of ortofon scratch stylus with technics headshells
Ortofon Technics Mount
view of two ortofon pro turntable stylus
Ortofon Pro Stylus
a view of a pair of ortofon concord scratch stylus for turntables
Ortofon Concord Scratch
top front view of a rane sl4 serato interface for digital dj's
Rane SL4 Serato Interface
top and front view of a rane sl3 interface for digital dj's specific to serato users
Rane SL3 Serato Interface
a view of two control cds for the rane sl series of controllers
Rane SL Control CD's