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Backline Hire

Backline Hire | T.C Electronics M1

Specifically designed for live sound, the reverb algorithms of this piece of backline hire will make a great addition to your signal.

Because the TC has a bunch of inbuilt presets ready to go, you can get on with mixing or making great quality tunes instead of spending valuable time tweaking.

  • S/PDIF and XLR inputs - XLR outs
  • MIDI in - out and through as well as pedal control
  • 24 bit Digital to analogue conversion
  • Two hundred factory presets
  • Simple set > one touch user memory (up to 100)
  • realistic small room simulation
  • Includes reverbs, delays, choruses, flanger, gate, expander, de-esser, tremolo, and phaser

$35 Per Day