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Audio Compressor Rental | Limiter - ARX Afterburner

ARX multi mode enhanced compressor / limiter, featuring:

Front Panel Controls

  • Hardwire bypass IN/OUT switch
  • Threshold, Ratio and Output Gain controls
  • Above/Below Threshold LEDs
  • 12 segment LED Output Level display
  • Numbered marker panel for labelling compressor assigns
  • 7 segment LED Gain Reduction display
  • Enhance switch and status LED
  • Adaptive Stereo link switch and status LED
  • Dual/Single channel mode switch and status LEDs

Rear Panel Connectors

  • Balanced Inputs and Outputs, on both XLR and TRS jack connectors. In Single channel (Mono) mode, use Channel 1 Inputs and Outputs only
  • Sidechain Insert TRS connector on each channel
  • AC input connector, with voltage switch and fuse.