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Festoon Lights Hire

Festoon Lighting

Festoons create a special vibe that other lights just can’t match.

Wander through a restaurant, cafe, garden or festival that looks amazing at night and it’s a sure bet the venue’s lighting includes vintage festoon lights. One of the most popular forms of outdoor lighting in Australia, festoon lights look old school but are built with modern use in mind.

Festoon lights not only work in the professional setting, they are also perfect for your private events, gardens and homes. Fairy lights are over. If you are looking for something with a similar feel, in a different format this festoon lighting hire option is for you!

These lights are safe, flexible and cost effective and are perfect for outdoor areas  including barbecue and pergola structures, are great for cafes and restaurants and are at home at weddings, birthday and engagement parties. You’ll often see festoon lights at festivals and carnivals enhancing the vibe but also around homes, verandas and balconies.

Because of their tough cabling you can run our festoon lighting for hire safely through trees and hedges. Of course they can also be wrapped around structures or hung in rows in a traditional sense.

These lights are a flexible lighting option that can withstand the toughest weather conditions.

These vintage look festoon lights come in 25m lengths. Of course lengths can be joined to create longer light runs. Their relative low voltage (25W) means they’re safe to run and their soft glow bulbs are great on the eye. Festoon lights come with tough weather-proof cabling making them a flexible lighting option that can withstand the toughest weather conditions.